Slow Walk Textures

For some people feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, loss and grief are all around but for others emotions can be mixed with happiness, enjoyment and laughter.

Inspired by Liz Atkin, artist and mental health advocate who wrote about her ongoing Textures Series

‘Capturing these textures is helping my brain calm down so much – the big stuff is too big, so I’m finding great comfort slowing down to notice the small stuff. People are joining in from all over the world, we are united though apart ..

I started an ongoing Slow Walk Textures series as another ‘lockdown diary’ project which is providing hours of distraction and discovery of little roads and alleyways that I have never walked down or noticed before.

There has been a good response to these photos and comments on my twitter account @gezatkinson

’Generally, I’m not a positive person. But the color/design in many of your images elicits positive thoughts’. (Scott)

More from this ongoing series are on my website gallery