Mindful Photography

What is Mindful Photography? Does it help in dealing with anxiety and stress? Can it boost coping skills in these uncertain times? I joined a 4-week online introduction to Mindful Photography Course run by Ruth Davey FRSA, Director of www.look-again.org in order to find out. The course had different weekly themes and involved practical activities of slowing down, looking closely at colours, opposites such as light and dark, shadows, reflections as well as spending time outside.

In ‘Thriving with Nature’, a new guide from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Mental Health Foundation, they say, ‘We believe it is now more important than ever for everyone to enjoy the remarkable mental health benefits of connecting with nature.’

I really enjoyed The Mindful Photography Course and found it refreshing and stimulating. Ruth was supportive, creative, lots of fun and we had interesting group conversations with people from across the world. These are a few of my images and I am now working on developing ideas around future Mindful Photography projects.