Whitstable Views 2022

This is a small selection of Whitstable documentary photographs taken over many years. The latest photos are from ‘the Blessing of the Beasts 2022, Sadie Hennessy’s second foray in the realm of animal based entertainment’. ‘It was weird. It was wonderful. It was surreal. It was strangely satisfying. Blessed are the beasts-to all the creatures who share this planet with us, whose journey through life is as real as our own’. (CJ Stone) https://whitstableviews.com/2022/09/12/the-blessing-of-the-beasts-2022

Another series is Hutstock 2022: Sadie Hennessy’s beach-hut based music festival and  fundraiser for Médecins Sans Frontières. This gallery is work in progress for a second photography book in collaboration with writer CJ Stone. He is an author, columnist and feature writer who has written seven books as well as columns and articles for many newspapers and magazines.