Folkestone Triennial

Folkestone Triennial shows art in unusual spaces. Gilbert and George’s work is dotted around and Morag Myerscough’s –‘Flock of Seagulls Bag of Stolen Chips’- is a raised platform over the former Gasworks site with painted signs and Jacqueline Donachie’s film ‘The Slosh’ -Beautiful Sunday’, playing on a screen. Walking through the back streets Patrick Corillon’s- Boxes ‘On the Track of St Eanswythe’s Waterway are displayed together with Wolfgang Winter and Berthold Horbelt’s ’St Eanswythe’s Return’.

I enjoyed Jason Wilsher-Mills ‘I Am an Argonaut’ about his world with a disability. Atta Kwami-Dusiadu’s sculptures are based around Ghanaian vending kiosks and Rana Begum has brightened up old beach huts. There are great views along the Zig Zag path and a welcome café at the end. Bill Woodrow’s ‘The Ledge’ has figures of an Inuit and a seal on thin ice, suggesting rising water levels from disappearing Polar ice caps. Folkestone Triennial is on until 2nd November 2021 and well worth a visit.