Film Noir Experiments

My photography interest began at Chat’s Palace Community Centre in Hackney with a black and white photography course. We learnt to develop films and I bought my first SLR Nikon D70, which I still have. At the end of the course I was surprised to win the group competition with a photo on the theme of ‘Lifts’. I spent hours in the darkroom at my friend’s house where they had an enlarger and developing trays/chemicals etc in a cupboard under the stairs and have loved Black and White images ever since. As things moved on, I bought a Nikon D700 camera, for a trip to Hong Kong to visit friends, 10 years ago. It’s a heavy workhorse, but still takes good photos-and I know how it works! Over the last few weeks I have been playing about with Film Noir effects and this series is a few results of my experiments.