Earn Money from Creative Work?

Like many artists and friends, I dream about earning money from my creative work.

Researching other photographers and reading about their thoughts also clarifies ideas and views.

‘Photography has broadened my imagination to the fact there is beauty in the ordinary and everyday. The daily mundane and routine of life can pass you by, if you do not open your eyes, heart and mind’-  Linda Wisdom, London Photographer

In the meantime- revisiting my photo library and looking at images helps me view my work from a new perspective. This series of photographs from my archive were taken between 2011 and 2019 in Kent, London, Sussex, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Spain.

‘Street Photography is a form of Documentary Photography that doesn’t have a subject or story and …is powerful because they are highly edited moments of real life that are extraordinary in some way’- Nick Turpin. Author of ‘A Complete Beginners Guide to Street Photography’.

I will keep on dreaming….