Diary of Change

This series is a selection documenting Whitstable over the last few weeks.  More people are going out now, shops, restaurants and businesses have gradually been moving towards re-opening where possible. As Lockdown is easing, I am witnessing the changes on a daily basis.

People are sitting in the harbour or along Tankerton slopes and adjusting to new ways. The golf course has reopened, many builders, painters, decorators and tradespeople are getting back to work. The chemists, supermarkets and essential shops are still busy. Sunseekers and young people are congregating on east quay or on the beach. Nature lovers are buying plants and spending time improving their gardens. Bike rides are still popular although the roads are less safe as traffic is increasing, car parks are busier and more crowded. Whitstable Harbour market traders are getting ready to open, people are out sailing again and there are signs of optimism. Is it all happening too quickly, too fast and too soon?

Time will tell.