This popular chocolate shop in Brick Lane was doing a roaring trade a few months ago and I am sure will be even busier for Easter. Slabs of chocolate look like bars of soap- and customers are spoilt for choice with so many different varieties on offer.

An ambulance crew including an Emergency Doctor stopped in for their chocolate fix.

As my new wordpress photography website is now up and running – this is my first blog post  to share with the Whitpress Blog group and a test to check all is working!!! I will hopefully be coming back to the group towards the end of April and look forward to reading everyone’s posts and refining my writing skills. I will now also have the opportunity to put ideas from the photoshelter-photography-blog-handbook into practice

  1. Always lead off with an image
  2. Keep words to a minimum
  3. Upload 5-8 images per post
  4. Publish post. Share on Facebook and twitter