Black & White or Colour?

2 Photography exhibitions in 2 months is a challenge. What work do I show? Colour or black and white, when I love both. I began my photography career documenting street protests in London, developing and printing photos in a cupboard under the stairs round at my friends’ house. Hours of fun! Moving on to a Photojournalism course at London College of Printing and more of my life in the darkroom. City Limits magazine had weekly listings of London demonstrations – and a great opportunity to be out on the streets documenting protests against the poll tax, repealing Section 28 and anti-racism marches. Wonderful years- and people- in the Philippines and New Zealand then followed.

To understand more about digital images, I completed an MA Photography, meeting a wide range of international students which opened up another new world.

For the September exhibition I chose colour photos, so for my second exhibition next week, I decided to focus on black and white images.

Finally, decision made and now looking forward to it!