Another View

There is always another view to photograph in Whitstable. These images were taken during January 2021. The woman in her dressing gown was on the beach on New Year’s Day. The weather and light change from bright skies and vivid sunsets to heavy rain, frosty mornings and then back to warmer days.

Builders are out working, filming of the ‘Whitstable Pearl ‘series by writer Julie Wassmer was taking place with crew appearing along the beach and at the harbour. People are cycling around and picnicking on the beach and dog walkers are everywhere. Flowers on the outside of ‘So Pink’ Hair and Beauty Salon suddenly appeared and Graham Greener florist has a new NHS and keyworkers tribute on its weatherboard building. The new Castellum Pizzeria looks like it’s getting ready to open. Observing the everchanging scenery is a relaxing way to pass the time on daily walks.