Cape Town Projects 2011-2012

In 2011-2012, I spent 6 months in Cape Town working on social documentary projects.
The Carpenter’s Shop, Cape Town.
An estimated 5,000 people live on the streets in the Cape Town area. The Carpenter’s Shop offers training in carpentry, woodworking skills and general car bodywork repairs. Staff organised a Christmas ‘pamper’ day with showers, haircuts, make up treatments and massages with volunteers from a local health clinic.

The Service Dining Rooms, A Cape Town Institution since 1935.
The Service Dining Rooms, opened in 1935 and now feed anyone who is hungry for five cents, making hot meals for around 800 people. Half of the meals are given to community projects or out in the townships.

Teach Out
Through Chantal d’Offay, an English Literature and Classical Studies student at the University of Cape Town, I heard about the TeachOut programme and spent an afternoon at Intsebenziswano Secondary School, in Philippi. UCT students offer extra tuition to the pupils in a black township.
‘Education and mentorship are key to the development of contemporary South Africa. Our work targets the next generation of South Africans and strives to make a tangible difference to the way they view their futures’.